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Rotary Encoders

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  • ENP Series

    Diameter Ø60mm Shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder Ø60mm Shaft type absolute rotary encoder ENP Series newly adds 12-24VDC power supply type for 360 division models in order to increase user convenience. The series with is not only able to measure absolute variable angle with BCD code, but it also realizes high accuracy by maintaining absolute position in case of sudden power failure. The series is mainly used for industrial machine tools. 100531125332
  • EP50S Series

    Diameter Ø50mm Shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder Ø50mm Shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder with EP50S Series realizes high resolution up to 1024 divisions and various output codes including BCD, Binary and Gray Code with compact design. It is mostly applied to industrial precision instruments, textile machineries, robots and parking facilities. 100531125332
  • EP58 Series

    Diameter Ø58mm Shaft/Hollow Built-in type Absolute Rotary encoder The Ø58mm absolute type rotary encoders EP58 Series offer economical price and provide high reliability with precise detection. In addition, the front nut mounting style design allows more convenient setting. Furthermore, a wide variety of product types fully satisfy your needs. 100531125332
  • EPM50 Series

    Absolute type multi-turn rotary encoders ø50mm shaft type absolute multi-turn rotary encoders EPM50 series makes possible to realize space saving mounting and to implement various user applications by adding side connector type line-ups. Absolute multi-turn encoders EPM50 series provides both absolute position data per revolution and revolution count data with 23 bit high resolution and accuracy. In addition, the series allows more diverse user’s choice with parallel and serial (SSI) transmission type outputs. It can be used for control of an industrial robot or high precision motor. 100531125332
  • ERB Series

    Flexible coupling Autonics flexible coupling ERB Series features strong resistance against distortion as it is made of super-high strength aluminum alloy (AL 7075-T6), and it realizes high corrosion resistance through applying alumite surface treatment. In addition, ERB series supports two different connection types - Clamp type and Set screw type - so that it can deliver more accurate revolution driving power and protect revolving objects from backlash.