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Fiber Optic Sensors

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  • BF3R Series

    High Accuracy Fiber Optic Amplifier with Twin Adjusting Dials BF3R Series, a fiber optic amplifier with built-in twin jog-dials, features precise control of sensitivity using coarse-dial and fine-dial. This series offers fast and accurate sensing performance with fast response speed of under 1ms. Also, this series employs free-cut type fiber optic cables where the cable length can be adjusted to the work environment needs.  
  • BF4R Series

    Highly Reliable & Easy-to-Install Fiber Optic Amplifiers BF4R, a high performance fiber optic amplifier, features a compact structure designed to fit into narrow spaces. This fiber optic amplifier has fast response speed of under 0.5ms, and can be compactly mounted. Also, external synchronization input function, mutual interference protection and self-diagnosis function enhance user experience. 100531125332
  • BF5 Series

    High Speed & High Resolution Digital Fiber Optic Amplifier BF5 series are fiber optic amplifiers sensing high-speed moving and tiny objects by achieving the highest resolution power 1/10,000. The series realizes economical solutions and superior sensing performance with special features including side-connector power supplying, amplifier unit communication, automatic channel array and mutual interference prevention up to 8 channels. Green / Blue source type and PNP control output are newly added features of BF5 series. 100531125332
  • BFC Series

    Digital fiber optic amplifier Communication converters BFC is a digital fiber optic amplifier communication converter. This communication converter helps BF5 Series to perform various functions including parameter setting and data management using external devices (PC, PLC). This communication converter supports RS485 communication, serial communication and SW input mode. Also, it can be simultaneously connected to up to 32 amplifier units (BF5 Series). 100531125332
  • FD/FT/GD/GT Series

    Top/Side/Flat/Top-Side View Modes for Various Sensing Directions Autonics is expanding their line-up of fiber optic sensor cables, with the new Perpendicular Type Fiber Optic Cables - FDR/FTR Series. Built with a flat rear surface and 90º deflection angle, the FDR/FTR Series minimizes installation-space limitations and allows for quick direct installation onto machinery with a single nut. Additionally, by adopting high-flex (R1) type cables, the units can be installed on various surfaces while reducing worries about cable damage or connection errors. The cables are available in two types of sensing methods (through-beam and reflective) to provide flexibility for installation.