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BFC Series

Digital fiber optic amplifier Communication converters
BFC is a digital fiber optic amplifier communication converter. This communication converter helps BF5 Series to perform various functions including parameter setting and data management using external devices (PC, PLC). This communication converter supports RS485 communication, serial communication and SW input mode. Also, it can be simultaneously connected to up to 32 amplifier units (BF5 Series).


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Main features

  • Features
    – Sets all Functional performance and parameters from external devices(PL, PLC)
    – Supports various communications
    : RS485 communication, Serial Communication, SW input
    – Connect up to 32 amplifier units(BF5 Series)
    – Slim design with depth 10mm(W10×H30×L70mm)
  • User manual
    – Visit our web site (www.autonics.com) to download user manual and communication manual.
    – User manual describes for specifications and function, and communication manual describes for RS485 communication
    (Modbus RTU protocol) and parameter address map data.
  • Integrated device management program(DAQMaster)
    – DAQMaster is a integrated device management program to set parameter and manage monitoring data.
    – Visit our website(www.autonics.com) to download user manual and integrated device management program.

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