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Universal Photoelectric Sensors

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  • CX-400 Photoelectric Sensor

    For the CX-400 series, the user has a large selection of ultra compact photoelectric sensors at his disposal. The series includes three thru-beam, five retroreflective, four diffuse reflective and four trigonometric types with foreground/background suppression. With its new ASIC (application specific integrated circuit), the sensors require up to 60% less energy than before. Characteristics:
    • Three thru-beam, five retroreflective, eight reflective types
    • Light ON/Dark ON modes
    • Short-circuit protected
    • IP67 degree of protection
    • Up to 60% less power consumption
  • CY-100 Photoelectric Sensor

    Universal, cylindrical photoelectric sensors CY-100 series sensors are available as thru-beam, retroreflective (with and without polarization filters) and diffuse reflective types. Standard (axial) and side-view (radial) types are available, providing you with flexibility when mounting the sensors. Moreover, all sensors can be ordered as a cable type or with an M12 plug-in connector. Characteristics:
    • Standard or side view types
    • Cable or M12 connection
    • Available as thru-beam, retroreflective (with and without polarization filters) and diffuse reflective types
    • Diffuse reflective types include sensitivity adjuster
    • Thru-beam types include test input
  • NX-5 Photoelectric Sensor

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    Compact, multivoltage photoelectric sensors

    Long sensing ranges and high reliability are combined in this compact sensor design, which is available in thru-beam, retroreflective or diffuse reflective versions. The output is a sealed relay allowing connection of high capacity loads. All sensors accept AC or DC supply voltages. Thru-beam and retroreflective models can be ordered with an infrared or visible red light source. Cross talk prevention means that two sensors can be mounted closely together. Characteristics:
    • Compact design
    • Long sensing ranges
    • Retroreflective type with polarisation filter
    • Thru-beam type with 30m detection range
    • Multi-voltage
    • Relay output
    • Red LED types for easy alignment