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Inductive Sensors

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  • GX Inductive Sensor

    Cylindrical inductive sensors

    The GX cylindrical inductive sensor series with a built-in amplifier comes in two versions - with and without a threaded section. Numerous special types allow you to select the optimum sensor for your application. GX sensors have a large sensing range and come with an indicator LED, which makes it easy for you to check the operation. GX series sensors have robust cases and reinforced cables whose lifetime is 10 times that of conventional connecting cables.
  • GX-F/H Inductive Sensor

    Rectangular inductive proximity sensors

    Industry's no. 1* in stable sensing. This sensor has the longest stable sensing range among comparable rectangular inductive proximity sensors in the industry. The sensor is easy to install. Precise adjustment and control of sensing sensitivity greatly reduces individual sensor differences and variations.
  • GX-M Inductive Sensor

    Cylindrical inductive sensors

    The GX-M series cylindrical inductive sensors come in many variations. In addition to various rated sensing distances, 2- and 3-wire types are available, as well as shielded and non-shielded models. All models are equipped with an LED that lets you verify when the output is on at a glance.
  • GXL Inductive Sensor

    Inductive sensors, cuboid design

    These cuboid, inductive proximity sensors are extremely small. Each sensor is available in four different versions: front or side sensing with normally open or normally closed contacts and offering two detection frequencies to prevent mutual interference.