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FD/FT/GD/GT Series

Top/Side/Flat/Top-Side View Modes for Various Sensing Directions
Autonics is expanding their line-up of fiber optic sensor cables, with the new Perpendicular Type Fiber Optic Cables – FDR/FTR Series. Built with a flat rear surface and 90º deflection angle, the FDR/FTR Series minimizes installation-space limitations and allows for quick direct installation onto machinery with a single nut. Additionally, by adopting high-flex (R1) type cables, the units can be installed on various surfaces while reducing worries about cable damage or connection errors. The cables are available in two types of sensing methods (through-beam and reflective) to provide flexibility for installation.

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Main Features

  • 90º deflection angle and flat rear surface minimize installation-space limitations
  • Direct and simple installation onto machinery with a single nut
  • High-flex (R1) cable allows a bending radius of 1mm
  • IP67 protection structure
    – FTR : through-beam type
    – FDR : diffuse-reflective type

[Flat Types]

  • Flexible cable allows bending radius of 1R (F□-□-□R)
  • Various options in sensing directions (Top/Side/Flat/Top+Side view)
  • Slim and flat type fiber cables offer direct installation in narrow space (FDF/FTF)
  • All-in-one bracket fiber cable combined with integrated bracket and sensor (FTL)
  • Enhanced convenience in configuring sensing directions with bend type model series (FTF)

[Flexible Types]

  • The structure with a large number of ultrafine cores surrounded by cladding


  • Bending available without significant reducing the light intensity and break.
    (Long-distance sensing guaranteed in the environment requiring severe bending)
  • Space savings when cable is installed
 Existing model (15R/30R)   Flexible type model (1R)

[ Break-resistant type ]

  • Realizing high break-resistance with the structure that each cores are surrounded by cladding separately


: Suitable for the environment requiring repetitive bending movements (ex : Robot)


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