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BL Series

Superior Sensing Performance in Compact Design
Liquid level detection sensors BL Series detects the presence or absence of liquid in a transparent pipe measuring ø6-13mm in diameter and 1mm in thickness. Users can select Light On/Dark On modes from operation mode switching button and easily check operation mode and status from LED bulbs (green/red) at the back. Also, BL Series is space efficient with its compact design.


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Main Features

  • Detects presence/absence of liquid in a transparent pipe of external diameter of ø6 to 13mm and 1mm thickness (Max)
  • Compact size : W23 X H14 X L13mm
  • Light ON/Dark ON selectable from operation mode switching button
  • Easy to check operation mode(Light ON : green, Dark ON : off) and status from Red LED bulbs
  • Built-in protection circuits for reverse power polarity, output short & overcurrent
  • Minimizes the impact of the external environment by the protection bracket(sold separately) [Ø12.7mm (1/2 inch) pipe]
  • Protection structure IP64 (IEC standard)
  • Protective bracket (Sold separately)

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