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BWC Series

Minimizing The Influence From Sunlight / Incandescent Light and Rain / Dust
Autonics powerful new area sensor BWC series of 3 point cross beam type successfully minimizes non-sensing area, and also guarantees the world top class sensing reliability owing to its superior sunlight noise reduction and its advanced sensing performance. Its world top level sunlight noise reduction capability of up to 100,000lux minimizes malfunction from sunlight and incandescent lights, and its most advanced sensing performance also minimizes the impact from rain and dust. Its reliability has already been proved in many applications in subway/monorail screen doors in Korea, monorail screen doors in Malaysia and in many other cases.


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Main Features

  • 3-point cross-beam netting method minimizes non-sensing area and increases sensing ability
  • Long sensing distance 7m
  • 7 models of number of optical axies (4 to 20EA) and optical axis pitch(40,80mm), sensing height(120 to 1,040mm)
  • Easy installation by installation mode function
  • Built-in interference protection, self-diagnosis function
  • High luminance indicators for emitter and receiver to check the status at side, front, and long distance
  • Protection structure IP65(IEC structure)

bwc-3 bwc-4