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PSAN Series

Compact Digital Pressure Sensors (Connector Type / Cable Type)
Compact digital pressure sensors PSAN series is available in cable type (fluid type only) and connector types (fluid type, pneumatic type). The PSAN series can measure various types of pressure including gas, liquid, and oil. The auto shift function allows stable output regardless of change in original pressure and offers high speed response rates up to 2.5 ms. The sensors also feature two independent outputs with ability to select N.O. or N.C. outputs.


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Main features

  • Applicable in various environments including gas, liquid, and oil (fluid type)
  • Excludes environments where stainless steel 316L may corrode
  • High display resolution of 1/2000
  • Auto shift function: stable output possible regardless of change in original pressure. Single unit can perform function of 2 units. (only available in Hold/Auto Shift function models)
  • Hold function to fix current display value or output at certain points
  • Two independent outputs and N.O. and N.C. outputs available
  • Forced output control mode allows easy operation tests and maintenance
  • One-touch connector type for easy maintenance
  • Analog output function (resolution changes between 1/1000 and 1/2000 depending on display unit. Voltage output: 1-5VDC. Current output: DC4-20mA)
  • Zero-point adjustment function, peak monitoring function, chattering prevention function



  • Measures pressure in LCD panel inspection device

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