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BWP Series

Area Sensor with Plastic Case
BWP Series is an area sensor in plastic case that features superior sensing performance with mutual interference prevention function by selecting emitting light frequency. A wide variety of product line-up fulfils various customer needs. In addition, its compact size with dedicated Fresnel lens and plastic case is another feature of BWP Series that allows more space saving installation.



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Main Features

  • 13mm slim body with fresnel lens
  • Adoption of plastic(PC/ABS) injection case
  • Various functions; stop transmission, interference prevention, lightening/flashing JOB indicator, Light ON/Dark ON operation by switch
  • Easy to recognize at side, front, and long-distance by high brightness LED of Emitter and Receiver
  • Fast response time up to 7ms
  • 4 models with various optical axes (8 to 20EA) and sensing height (140 to 380mm)
  • Protection structure IP40(IEC standard)

bwp-2 bwp-3