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BYD Series

Small Diffuse Reflective and Convergent Reflective Type Photoelectric Sensor
BYD Series enables easy installation with its compact size. In addition, its operation indicator located on the top (BYD30-DDT-U, BYD50-DDT-U) allow users to easily identify sensing operation. Various detection types including background suppression type, diffuse reflective type, and through-beam type are able to be used in diverse application areas.


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Main Features

  • Easy installation by compact size.
  • Superior detection not affected by color of target (Limited distance reflective type)
  • Operation indicator located on the top
    (BYD30-DDT-U, BYD50-DDT-U)
  • Easy to adjust the response time of Timer function (Limited distance reflective type)
    (OFF Delay time : 0.1 ~ 2sec variable)
  • Built-in overcurrent protection circuit, Reverse power polarity protection circuit

byd-3 byd-4 byd-5