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Compact Fan Type Ionizer ER-Q

Spot charge removal without compressed air

UL , CE , CSA Approved
CE : EMC Directive
UL, CSA : Certified by TÜV SÜD America Inc. (NRTL)

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Spot charge removal without compressed air
Environmentally Friendly & High Performance

Spot charge removal without compressed air Environmentally Friendly & High Performance

Incorporating our unique high-frequency AC method and “Sirocco fan”, we have achieved excelling balanced charge removal performance even at slow fan speeds. Particularly well suited to spot charge removal on semiconductor post-processing and electronic component manufacturing equipment, these super compact units immediately solve your problems with static electricity without requiring compressed air.


■Miniature, ultralight, fast charge removal
A perfect fit for installation in other devices
• Dimensions: W65 × H60 × D33 mm W2.559 × H2.362 × D1.299 in
• Net weight: 110 g approx.
• Charge removal Time (±1,000 V → ±100 V):1.5 sec approx. (typical)

Includes volume adjuster to change fan blowing to meet your needs

■Safe design
The LED display and output indicate maintenance timing and problems with the fan


Simple maintenance

Simple maintenance

Assembled and disassembled in a single touch, reducing steps required to replace parts or clean filters


Freely mounted: No air hoses necessary

Freely mounted: No air hoses necessary

Mountable like a sensor in cell workbenches or inside devices


Type Compact fan type
Model No. ER-Q
Charge removal time
(±1,000 V → ±100 V)
1.5 sec. approx. (Note 2)
Ion balance ±10 V or less (Note 2)
Power supply voltage 24 V DC ±10%
Power consumption 200 mA or less
Discharge method High-frequency AC method
Discharge output voltage ±2 kV approx.
Max. fan speed 6.4 m/s (Note 2)
Max. fan volume 0.2 m3/min.
Output(CHECK, ALARM) NPN transistor / open collector
• Max sink current: 50 mA
• Applied voltage: 30 V DC or less (between output terminal and 0 V)
• Residual voltage: 1 V or less (at input current of 50 mA)
  Output operation Check: On when discharge check (Note 3) detected
Off at all other times
Error: Off when discharge error or fan error (Note 3) detected
On at all other times
  Short-circuit protection Incorporated
Indicators Discharge (DSC): Green LED, Alarm (ALARM): Red LED
Ozone generation amount 0.02 ppm or less (Note 2)
Ambient temperature 0 to +50 ℃ +32 to +122 ℉ (No dew condensation), Storage: –10 to +65 ℃ +14 to +149 ℉
Ambient humidity 35 to 65% RH (No dew condensation), Storage: 35 to 65% RH
Vibration resistance 10 to 150 Hz frequency, 0.75 mm 0.030 in amplitude in X, Y and Z directions for two hours each
Grounding method C (capacitor) grounding
Material Enclosure: PBT, Discharge needle: Tungsten
Weight Net weight: 110 g approx.
Accessory Connector for wiring: 1 set
[Manufactured by Molex: Housing (5557-08P), Terminal (5556T)]


  1. Where measurement conditions have not been specified precisely, the conditions used were an ambient temperature of +20℃ +68℉.
  2. Typical value at 100 mm 3.937 in from directly in front of air outlet, fan speed MAX., with no filter installed.
  3. Discharge check: Drop in discharging status detected. Discharge error: Abnormal discharge detected. Fan error: Fan operating problem detected.