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The 4.6-inch wide screen provides the highest visual quality in its class.

UL/C-UL , CE Approved
CE : EMC Directive
UL : Approved Listing

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Largest 4.6 inch high-contrast monochrome Half-QVGA LCD in its class provides top-level viewability*1.

High-definition Half-QVGA (320 x 120) LCD produces crisp images. The analog touch screen technology does not display any annoying visible dots or lines.

*1 Based on internal research as of Jan. 1, 2011


Bright three-color LED backlight indicates the equipment status.

The color combination is green/orange/red or white/red/pink. The backlight ensures both operability and visibility.



First SD / SDHC memory card slot in its class*2

AIG12MQ1*D and AIG12GQ1*D are equipped with an SD / SDHC memory card slot.
Easy to copy, back up, and restore screen data.

*2 Class 10 Compatible with a card of up to 32 GB


MiniUSB interface as standard equipment

Supports the through function using a USB cable, allowing simultaneous debugging of PLC and GT.


Flexible sizing and layout available for switches and characters

Switches of a minimum of 8 x 8 dots can be moved in increments of one dot.
A wide range of character fonts and sizes (10 to 120 dots) are supported.


Transformer-isolated power supply

The isolated power supply enhances the reliability.


Equipped with IP67-rated body and newly designed bracket

Portrait orientation ideal for narrow spaces

Installation in narrow spaces is possible, enhancing the degree of system design freedom.

GT12 Application example


・The panel face protection sheet for the GT series is available as an option.


SD Solutions only Panasonic can provide

Links and expansion via SD
As small-size touch panels have significantly improved their image quality, easy to read displays with sharp characters are no longer special features these days. Instead, programmable displays will evolve with maximum “user-friendliness” in various applications with PCs or other devices.
As shown below, our touch panels exchange and store data using SD memory card, data for many applications.


PLC program transfer without the use of a PC

It is possible to modify PLC ladder programs as well as the GT screen programs by using an SD / SDHC memory card.
SD / SDHC memory card enables everyone to easily modify programs.
* Our FP series, excluding FP7.


SD card data transfer function

Log and other data saved on a SD memory card inserted into the GT’s onboard SD memory card slot can now be sent to a PC using a USB connection.

Installation on the PC of GT_SD_Reader software is required. This software is installed simultaneously with Terminal GTWIN (Ver. 2.E1 and higher).
The GT unit firmware must be a version that supports this function. If you are using a version that does not support this function, please upgrade by downloading it from our website.


SD logging function to produce data “Visualization”

Capable of automatically collecting electrical power readings of Eco-POWER METERS and displaying them in a real time graph, allowing users to take quick actions for solutions.
– The GT unit can collect data, such as electrical power on an SD / SDHC memory card, and display the log data in a real time graph.
You can make data “Visualization” without using a PC as a display or Data logger for collecting data.
– One bar graph has a maximum of eight bars and can be combined with line graphs.
– The following three conditions can be selected to trigger an operation to save log data.
(1) Specified time (2) Specified cycle (1 sec. to 24 hrs.) (3) Specified condition
– Large volumes of data can be saved on an SD / SDHC memory card, which can be carried with you.

SD recipe function

For high-mix production, recipe data up to 64 types and 4,096 devices in total, can be easily set on a PC. The created recipe data is saved on an SD / SDHC memory card, and the specified data can be written or read from a PLC.


Saving alarm history data on an SD / SDHC memory card

The alarm history data stored in the GT built-in memory can be saved on an SD / SDHC memory card, making it possible to easily control problems on a PC.


Highly flexible screen design!

GT series displays use an analog-touch panel where locations of parts and characters can be adjusted in increments of one dot. The adoption of the Windows® font has widened the character size selection (10 to 240 dots), making the screen design more flexible.
*The maximum size varies depending on the model.。

“Analog-touch design”


“TrueType fonts”

The adoption of the Windows®font has made it possible to choose a font focusing on the screen image and visual quality.


Graph function

One bar graph has a maximum of eight bars and can be combined with line graphs.

Portrait display ideal for narrow spaces

The unit can display screens in portrait orientation and can therefore be installed in narrow spaces, expanding system design possibilities and contributing to size reduction.
The portrait display is also ideal for slim equipment without enough space to install a display.


Flow display function

A flowing message of up to 64 characters (two-byte) can be displayed at the bottom of the screen. (128 messages)


Multi-function switches

Multiple operations are possible. For example, screens can be switched by setting multiple values.

FP monitoring function [FP2SH / FP0R / FP-Σ / FP-X / FP-X0 / FP-e / FP0 / FP2]

*Excluding FP7
Five convenient features of GT series for improved compatibility with our FP series of PLCs

[1] Device monitor (Display and change values of FP series devices. Three different modes available.)
(1)Easy Monitor:Use this mode when you want to monitor something. Display is continuous when one device is specified and the device can be changed.
(2)Entry Monitor:Use this mode when you want to monitor multiple devices. You can register devices you want to display one-by-one and you can change them.
(3)Forced On/Off:Use this mode feature to forcibly turn output on and off. You can set devices one-by-one for which you want to control output.
[2] System register monitor (Display and change of system register values.)
You can specify the system register number, display the value, and change it.
[3] Shared memory monitor (Display shared memory values.)
You can specify the slot number, bank number and address, and display the value. You cannot change the value.
[4] Error monitor (Display an error occurring in the FP series PLC.)
You can display the self-diagnostic result, error code and error flag, and you can even clear the error.
[5] Password setting (Set the password to protect FP series program reading and writing functions.)
Password registration and clearing is possible for the FP series password protection function.

FP monitoring function

Multiple GT displays can be connected to our FP series PLC.

GT link function
Up to 32 GT displays can be connected to one PLC unit without communication programs. The same screen operation is possible at a conveyor line or other remote locations, and the number of PLC units can be reduced, cutting the production process costs.

1) As the number of connected units increases, the response slows down. Check the speed in the actual line.
2) The response time becomes relatively longer than those in the case of one-to-one connection.
Please evalute whether an safficient performance can be obtained in designing the system.

Connectivity with multiple PLCs
Up to 31 PLC units can be connected to one GT unit. Progress in multiple production lines can be centrally monitored and controlled via one GT unit.

1) As the number of connected units increases, the response slows down. Check the speed in the actual line.
2) The response time becomes relatively longer than those in the case of one-to-one connection.
Please evalute whether an safficient performance can be obtained in designing the system.

Enhanced security with password protection

Password protection and operation security functions protect the data asset in the display unit and control the authorization for operation.
Password protection function
The screen data upload operation can be restricted by using passwords to protect the data asset in the display unit.Operation security function
Up to 64 operators can set individual passwords, and up to 16 levels of restrictions can be set on displays and operations for each part. The registered users and passwords can be changed on the display unit.


High-efficiency operation with through function

This function allows operators to simultaneously carry out the transfer of screen data of a GT series display and the debugging of our FP series PLC connected to the display.


Easy-to-switch language

Conventionally, screens were created for each language. With this new language switching function, data can be registered in multiple languages (up to 16) for each part. The characters can be easily edited with Microsoft Excel® and then imported.


Write device function

This function modifies the PLC data or turns bits on/off according to the PLC status or the screen No. Now four arithmetic operations between devices are also possible.



Item GT12
RS232C RS422
Rated voltage 24 V DC
Operating voltage range 21.6 to 26.4 V DC
Power consumption 1.7W max.
Power supply unit isolation method Transformer isolation
Ambient temperature 0 to 50C 32 to 122F
Ambient humidity 20 to 85% RH (No condensation at 25C 77F)
Storage temperature –20 to 60C –4 to 140F
Storage humidity 10 to 85% RH (No condensation at 25C 77F)
Vibration resistance 5 to 9 Hz amplitude: 3.5 mm, 9 to 150 Hz acceleration 9.8 m/s2,
10 sweeps each in X, Y and Z directions (1 octave/min.)
Shock resistance 147 m/s2, 3 times in each of the X, Y and Z directions
Superposed noise suppression 1,000 V [P-P] min, pulse width of 50 ns, 1 s between power supply terminals (by a noise simulator) *AIGT0030B1/AIGT0030H1: When the ferrite device supplied with our PLC connection cable (AIGT8142) is mounted
Environmental resistance IP67 (in the initial stages)*1
Mass Approx. 240 g 8.658 oz
Display Display device STN monochrome LCD
Resolution 320 (W) x 120 (H) dots
Display color 2 colors (black/white, 8-gradation)
Displayable area

108.8 (W) x 40.8 (H) mm 4.283 (W) x 1.606 (H) inch

Backlight GT12G: 3-color LED (green, orange, red)
GT12M: 3-color LED (white, pink, red)
*No need for replacement
Functions Font types Fixed (GTWIN) : 8 x 8, 16 x 8, and 16 x 16 dots
Characters can be displayed in the
1, 2, 4, or 8 times width or height.
TrueType (GTWIN): 10 to 120 dots
Languages Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish
Graphics Straight lines, continuous straight lines, squares, circles, ovals, arcs, elliptic arcs, fan shapes, elliptic fan shapes, beveled squares, bitmaps
Number of screens*2 2-gradation: Approx. 250 screens,
8-gradation: Approx. 200 screens
Screen No. that can be set Base screens: No. 0 to 3FF
Part functions Messages, lamps, switches, data, bar graphs, clocks, keyboards, line graphs, and alarm list parts
Other functions Recipe, flow display, write device, alarm record, alarm list, and language switching, GT link, Operation security, Data logging and SD recipe
Clock function

Provided with a built-in clock function. (Can also refer to and display a PLC clock.) *Buy a commercially available battery.
Note: For the GT02 series, only GT02MQ2 and GT02GQ2 have a built-in clock.

Contrast adjustment Contrast can be adjusted by using the touch panel.
Automatic communication settings The communication speed (baud rate) is automatically changed if there is no response from the target equipment.
Debugging function GT connected between a PC and PLC allows the PLC to be debugged without a direct connection with the PC.
Screen creation Dedicated software should be used. Applicable OS: Windows? 2000/XP/Vista/7
Touch key resolution Free layout (8 dots min.)
Touch key operation force 0.8 N max.
Touch key life 1 million operations min. (at 25C 77F)
Communication standard Conforms
to RS232C
to RS422
Baud rate: 9,600/19,200/38,400/57,600/115,200 bps
Data bits: 7 or 8 bits, Parity: None, Odd, Even, Stop bits: 1 bit
Protocol Our FP series supported/General-purpose serial interface supported/Other companies’ PLC supported (Refer to the compatible PLC list for manufacturers and models.)
Connector Connector terminal base (8 pins)
Communication standard USB 1.1
conditions with
personal computers
Protocol Our dedicated protocol
Connector USB Mini B
Ethernet port
User’s memory F-ROM
Memory capacity 2 Mbyte
Memory SRAM
Memory backup Lithium battery (replaceable) AFPX-BATT *Does not come with product.
  1. Dust-proof and drip-proof from the front of the panel only (Rubber packing is attached to the panel contact surface.) *When reattaching the panel, replace the waterproof packing.
  2. The number of screens that can be registered varies according to the registered contents.