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PM4S Multi-range Timers

UL/C-UL , CE Approved

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1.Economic pricing that promptly reflects market demands

Remarkable economic pricing is implemented in pursuit of cost performance.


2.Output contacts switchable between timed out 2C and timed out 1C/Instantaneous 1C

The timed out 1C/Instantaneous 1C output contact enables the efficient addition of self-maintenance circuits.


3.4 different time ranges selectable on a single unit

Five types of timers cover the full range of time settings from 1 second to 30 hours.


4.Equipped with zero-setting instantaneous output

Set the dial all the way to “0” for instantaneous operation, so circuit testing can be easily accomplished.


5.Compliant with UL, c-UL and CE.


Operation Mode



type PM4S Multi-range Timer
Rating Rated operating voltage 100 to 120V AC 200 to 240V AC 12V DC 24V DC
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated power consumption Approx. 3.0VA/3.6VA
(at 100V AC)
Approx. 4.5VA/5.25VA
(at 120V AC)
Approx. 5.6VA/6.8VA
(at 200V AC)
Approx. 7.5VA/9.8VA
(at 240V AC)
Approx1.3W Approx1.7W
Output rating 5A 250V AC (resistive load)
Operating mode Power ON-delay
Time range A type 1s/10s/1min/10min (4 time ranges selectable)
B type 3s/30s/3min/30min (4 time ranges selectable)
C type 6s/60s/6min/60min (4 time ranges selectable)
D type 1min/10min/1h/10h (4 time ranges selectable)
E type 3min/30min/3h/30h (4 time ranges selectable)
Time accuracy Note) Operating time fluctuation ±1% (power off time change at the range of 0.1s to 1h)
Setting error ±5% (Full-scale value)
Voltage error ±1% (at the operating voltage changes between 85 to 110%)
Temperature error ±2% (at 20°C ambient temp. at the range of 10 to +50°C/ +14 to +122°F)
Contact Contact arrangement T.D.: Timed-out 2 Form C
INST.: Timed-out 1 Form C, instantaneous 1 Form C (Selected by front switch)
Contact resistance
(Initial value)
Max. 100m ohm; (at 1A 6V DC)
Contact material Silver alloy
Life Mechanical (contact) Min. 107
Electrical (contact) Min. 105(at raed control capacity)
Electrical function Allowable operating voltage range 85 to 110% of rated operating voltage
Insulation resistance
(Initial value)
Min. 100Mohm
Between live and dead metal parts
Between input and output
Between contacts of different poles
Between contacts of same pole
(At 500V DC)
Breakdown voltage 
(Initial value)
2,000Vrms for 1 min Between live and dead metal parts
2,000Vrms for 1 min Between input and output
2,000Vrms for 1 min Between contacts of different poles
1,000Vrms for 1 min Between contacts of same pole
Min. power off time 100 ms
Max. temperature rise 55°C/ 131°F
Mechanical function Vibration resistance Functional 10 to 55Hz: 1 cycle/min double amplitude of 0.25mm (10min on 3 axes)
Destructive 10 to 55Hz: 1 cycle/min double amplitude of 0.375mm (1h on 3 axes)
Shock resistance Functional Min. 98m/s2 (4 times on 3 axes)
Destructive Min. 980m/s2(5 times on 3 axes)
Operating condition Ambient temperature -10 to 50°C/ +14 to +122°F
Ambient humidity 30 to 85%RH (non-condensing)
Atmospheric pressure 860 to 1,060hPa
Ripple factor 
(DC type)
Others Weight approx. 110g/ 3.880 oz


  1. Unless otherwise specified, the measurement conditions at the maximum scale time standard are specified to be the rated operating voltage (within 5% ripple factor for DC), 20℃/ 68℉ ambient temperature, and 1s power off time.
  2. For the 1s range, the tolerance for each specification becomes ±10ms.