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Wide screen, small body
7 inch width in space of a 5.7 inch!

CE Approved
CE : EMC Directive

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7 inch type can be placed in the space of a 5.7 inch type.

Since 7 inch type can fit in a 5.7 inch type space, the screen shows more and the product looks greater.

■Body dimensions comparison


■Usable screen comparison




7 inch, 65,536 colors TFT color LCD equipped with long life LED backlight

Easy-to-view screen thanks to use of a TFT LCD with contrast ratio of 500 : 1.


Slim frame and body

Designed for easy installation with slim frame and body compared to LCD


Device monitor shows PLC status without a PC


You can directly check PLC devices from the Programmable Display without having to use a PC (FPWIN GR / FPWIN GR7). The device monitor is easily viewed from the system menu, which eliminates the bother of screen creation (except FP7).


Built-in SD / SDHC memory card slot

Easy to copy, back up, and restore screen data. Data logging possible.

Integrated USB Interface

You can connect your PC and GT707 using your USB cable to transfer screen data. When used with our FP series PLC, this display supports the pass through function, which allows simultaneous debugging of the PLC and the display.
However, the pass through function using the FPWIN GR and the FPWIN Pro is not available. Please use the FPWIN GR7 or FPWIN Pro7.

Transfer programs from Programmable Display to PLC


Transfer of PLC ladder programs and Programmable Display screen data is possible from a SD / SDHC memory card without using a PC. Also, PLC ladder programs can be backed up inside the Programmable Display and restored at any time (except FP7).


Product name GT707
Part No. AIG707WCL1G2
Communication port RS232C
Power supply 24 V DC
Operating voltage range 21.6 to 26.4 V DC
Power consumption 6 W or less (250 mA or less)
Ambient temperature 0 to +50℃ +32 to +122 ℉
Ambient humidity 20 to 85 % RH (at +25℃ +77 ℉), No condensation
Protective construction IP65 (in the initial stages), Dust-proof and drip-proof from the front of the panel only (Rubber packing is attached to the panel contact surface.) (Note 1)
Net weight 360 g approx.
Display Display device 7 inch, TFT color LCD
Resolution 800 (W) × 480 (H) dots
Display color 65,536 colors
Displayable area 153.5 (W) × 85.6 (H) mm 6.043 (W) × 3.370 (H) in
Backlight White LED
Number of screens 230 screens approx. (Note 2)
SD memory card slot Available
Tool port USB miniB


  1. This protective structure condition applies to the front surface of the installed panel. This condition does not guarantee usage in all environments provided by users.
  2. The number of screens that can be registered varies according to the registered contents.