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PMH Timers

UL/C-UL , CE , Lloyd Approved

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1.Using a dedicated IC, the operation time variance is ±0.5%.

2.Using the slide, time range switching is easy. Moreover, the scale numbers on the dial and time units can be switched automatically.

Button position pmh_e_cata-1_03 pmh_e_cata-1_05 pmh_e_cata-1_07 pmh_e_cata-1_09
10M type 0.05S to 1.0S 0.5S to 10S 0.05M to 1.0M 0.5M to 10M
30M type 0.15S to 3.0S 1.5S to 30S 0.15M to 3.0M 1.5M to 30M
10H type 0.05M to 1.0M 0.5M to 10M 0.05H to 1.0H 0.5H to 10H
30H type 0.15M to 3.0M 1.5M to 30M 0.15H to 3.0H 1.5H to 30H

3. You can use for embedding if you use together with the appropriate flush type mounting frame designed for that purpose (sold separately).


Product types

Product name Operating voltage 10M type 30M type 10H type 30H type
Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
PMH timer 100 to 120 V AC PMH-10M-AC120V PMH-30M-AC120V PMH-10H-AC120V PMH-30H-AC120V
200 to 240 V AC PMH-10M-AC220V PMH-30M-AC220V PMH-10H-AC220V PMH-30H-AC220V
12 V DC PMH-10M-DC12V PMH-30M-DC12V PMH-10H-DC12V PMH-30H-DC12V
24 V DC PMH-10M-DC24V PMH-30M-DC24V PMH-10H-DC24V PMH-30H-DC24V
48 V DC PMH-10M-DC48V PMH-30M-DC48V PMH-10H-DC48V PMH-30H-DC48V
100 to 110 V DC PMH-10M-DC100V PMH-30M-DC100V PMH-10H-DC100V PMH-30H-DC100V


1. 24 V AC type can also be ordered. Please inquire about pricing and any other details.
2. If embedding, please use the flush type mounting frame for that purpose.
3. Please order with a “9” at the end of the part number for UL and CSA certified products. Please inquire about pricing and any other details.


Time range

Time range Scale intervals
1.0 0.05
3.0 0.1
10 0.5
30 1


Operation mode

PMH timer




PMH Timers
AC operating type DC operating type
Rated operating voltage 100 to 120V, 200 to 240V (50/60Hz common) 12V, 24V, 48V, 100 to 110V
Rated power consumption Max. 3VA Max. 2W
Rated control capacity 7A 250V AC (resistive load)
Operation mode ON-delay
Time accuracy Operating time fluctuation &
Power off time change error
[Except 1s range] Within ±0.5%*
[1s range]: Within ±(0.5%+10ms)
(power off time change at the range of 0.1 s to 1 h)
Voltage error [Except 1s range] Within ±0.5%*
[1s range]: Within ±(0.5%+10ms)
(at the operating voltage changes between –20 to +10%)
Temperature error Within ±5% (at 20°C 68°F ambient temp. at the range of –10 to +50°C +14 to +122°F)
Setting error Within ±10% (Full-scale value)
Output arrangement Timed-out 2 Form C
Contact resistance (Initial value) Max. 50mΩ (By voltage drop 6V DC 1A)
Expected life
(min. operations)
Mechanical (constant) Min. 5×107
Electrical (constant) Min. 2×105 (at rated control capacity)
Allowable operating voltage range 80 to 110% of rated operating voltage
Insulation resistance (Initial value) Between input and output
Min. 100MΩ Between contact sets (at 500V DC)
Between contacts
Breakdown voltage (Initial value) 2000Vrms for 1min Between input and output
2000Vrms for 1min Between contact sets
1000Vrms for 1min Between contacts
Power off time Max. 0.1s
Functional 10 to 55Hz: 1 cycle/min double amplitude of 0.5mm (10min on 3 axes)
Destructive 10 to 55Hz: 1 cycle/min double amplitude of 0.75mm (1h on 3 axes)
Functional Min. 98m/s2 (4 times on 3 axes)
Destructive Min. 980m/s2 (5 times on 3 axes)
Ambient temperature –10 to 50°C +14 to 122°F
Ambient humidity 30 to 85% RH (at 20°C 68°F, non-condensing)
Ripple factor Full-wave rectified (Approx. 48%)