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Wide-area Ionizer ER-TF

“Wide-area Ionizer” is the choice for your production site

CE Approved
CE : EMC Directive

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Resolves dissatisfaction with existing ionizers

Ionizers up until now had not been able to fully meet the needs for on-site work.
With a style not seen before, the wide-area ionizer ER-TF pursues performance in cell production lines and resolves dissatisfaction with existing ionizers.



A new way of charge removal from Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX


Indicators showing operation conditions

This section will now explain the indicator lights that indicate such abnormalities as maintenance time of the discharge needle unit and the decrease in the amount of ventilation due to filter clogging.

■ERROR indicator:
Lights up when an intrusion of a foreign object into the discharger is detected by the entry detection function, or when an abnormal discharge, air intake constraint caused by clogged filter, or any other abnormality of the fan is detected.

■CHECK indicator:
Lights up when it is time for maintenance of the discharge needle unit, or when a drop in the fan speed resulting from filter clogging is detected.

■FAN indicator:
Lights up when a fan error or a fan check is detected.

■BAR indicator:
Lights up when a discharger error or a discharger check is detected.


Airflow adjustable in 4 levels

Fan speed can be adjusted in 4 levels. By setting the fan speed to MAX, speedy static removal of wide area is possible.



Easy filter cleaning

The fan air intake filter can be easily taken out by sliding open the cover. This greatly reduces the manhour in cleaning.



Silent fan cover (option) is available.

Without decreasing the airflow, it is possible to reduce noise during fan suction.
You can easily attach the silent fan cover to the front of the main unit fan with a single step


Type Wide-area fan type
Model No. ER-TF04-EX ER-TF06-EX ER-TF08-EX
Charge removal time Approx. 1 sec. (Note 1)
Ion balance ±10 V or less (Note 2)
Power supply voltage Accessory AC adapter input: 100 to 240 V AC ± 10 % 50/60 Hz
(Output: 24 V DC)
Power consumption 80 VA or less (at 100 V: 70 VA or less)
Discharge method Steady-state DC
Ambient temperature 0 to + 50 ℃ + 32 to + 122 ℉ (No dew condensation),
AC adapter: 0 to + 40 ℃ + 32 to + 104 ℉
Ambient humidity 35 to 65 % RH (No dew condensation)
Material Bar unit enclosure: ABS, Fan unit enclosure: ABS, Discharge needles: Tungsten, Mounting bracket: SPCC
Weight Net weight: 1.0 kg approx. Net weight: 1.2 kg approx. Net weight: 1.4 kg approx.
Accessories AC adapter (Note 3), F.G. connection cable,
spare replacement filters (5 pcs.), blindfold seals (2 sheets.)

1) Typical value at a distance of 200 mm 7.874 in from the front surface of the air outlet at the unit center at maximum fan speed.
2) Typical value at a distance of 300 mm 11.811 in from the front surface of the air outlet at the unit center at maximum fan speed.
3) Please prepare an AC cable separately as it is needed.
The following cables are available as optionals:
CN-ACCN-C2: AC cable (conforming to CCC), CN-ACKR-C2: AC cable (conforming to KTL)